Velan advertising agencies in chennai
Location: Chennai - Tamil Nadu
Date Posted: 23 Enero
Velan agencies Advertisements is a team of professionals specializing in the business of communication that accompanies you to the achievement of your goals. We respond with the utmost precision to the request of our customers that we make use of our expertise in the different fields of communication. We assist them in defining and implementing their strategy.
For us, each project is unique, must be creative, tailor-made and done with the utmost seriousness, which makes our clients come back again.
We first spend the time to exchange with you, to better understand your expectations, your dreams, your hopes. This preliminary dialogue allows us to better respond to you and fly in what we offer!
We transmit their values and communicate them clearly and directly; always from a personal approach that allows us to work collaboratively with advertisers to achieve their business objectives.
We pursue the "top of mind" that leads companies to always remain in a prominent place in the mind of the consumer.
Advertiser: Particular
T.nagar,chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
vijay kumar
vijay kumar

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