Phd Guidance for Research Works like Journal Paper writing, publishing, Thesis Writing Etc.,
The Various Phd Supports we offer are

Write-up (A Page Write Up)
Proposal (Problem Identification And Related Details)
- Aim
- Literature Survey
- Detailed Description

Papers for Presentation In Inter National Conference
-Harvard Referencing
-Plagarism Free

Papers for Presentation In Inter National Journals
(Annexture 1 Journal & Annexture 2 Journal)
-Harvard Referencing
-Plagarism Free

Softwares/Simulation Tool Implementations In
-Tools (Ns2, Idl,Matlab,Cloudsim, Gridsim, Sumo)
-Online Cloud Deployments (Google App Engines, Amazon)
-Webservices Deployment
-Android Application

Final Thesis & Synopsis
-As Per University Requirement
-Harvard Referencing
-Plagrarism Free

The various domains we offer are
• Data mining
• Image processing
• Cloud computing
• network security
• mobile computing
• wireless sensor network
• software engineering
• web mining

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