Dental caries is a multifactorial disease is affected by tissues of the teeth, it is demineralized of enamel by organic acid, which is produced by bacteria, it is known as tooth decay if you have any kind of cavities without pain immediately contact our best dental clinic in Chennai.

Symptoms of cavities

If you have cavities your tooth color will change from yellow to black
Your teeth will be severe pain while eating or chewing
Around the tooth infection of the tissue
Tooth loss or abscess formation

These are the symptoms to find you have dental caries or not.
Causes of cavities

It is Enamel, dentin and cementum is the hardest tissue of the teeth it is dissolving from bacteria.debris or sugar inside your tooth surface easily produced bacteria, caries caused by mouth cleaning not properly, receding gums resulting in unprotected of the roots of the teeth.

Prevention of cavities

Regularly clean your mouth
Use a small amount of fluoride
Avoid sugar-containing food and take diet
Brush at least twice a day and once a day flossing in between the teeth

Dental caries is the most common problems for children and adults before caries visit your dentist and get a solution for dental caries, these are prevention for dental caries for more tips contact the best dental clinic in Nungambakkam.

Caries pathology

Enamel - which is thicker and hardest tissue in the body, once enamel is broken easily spread the infection of bacteria, so caries pathology is very grim of the tooth.

Enamel caries create in four ways

The early sore
The period of nonbacterial finish precious stone pulverization
Pit arrangement
Bacterial attack of the polish undermining of finish from beneath subsequent to spreading into dentine.

Dentin - when bacteria grasp the enamel and spread to the amelodentinal junction to attack the dentin, succeeding demineralization, dentin is slowly destroyed, at the time the pulp and dentin are protected itself and considered in one tissue.

These are the importance of dental caries, I hope you everyone understand about dental caries for any info, visit our dental clinic in Chennai.


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