Description ( is a leading mobile apps development company. We deliver HTML5 apps and HTML5 games to global clients. We also place dedicated HTML5 developers at offshore for worldwide clients.
HTML5 is a markup language, used for structuring the contents on the web. HTML5 is cross platform and specially designed to deliver rich media contents. Today, HTML5 development is widely used with CSS3 for dynamic visual effects and compatibility on all mobile devices.

We are award winning HTML5 development company. Over the years, we have delivered best in class projects to clients, including responsive websites, HTML5 web applications, games and other custom web projects. HTML5’s mighty multimedia and interactive capabilities can take the project visibility to another level. With its style controls, illustration tools, and rich-media solutions, our HTML5 developers create robust, high-performance cross-platform mobile apps and SEO-friendly, ‘wow’ responsive websites.

Under HTML5 development, we offer following:

• HTML5 website development (responsive & non-responsive)
• HTML5 apps development
• HTML5 ecommerce store
HTML5 games development
• HTML5 widget development
• HTML5 theme Development
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