Delivery management software
Location: Chennai - Tamil Nadu
Date Posted: 26 Diciembre
ManageTeamz is an Delivery Management Software that helps to track and manage your Delivery business. It makes Delivery business Management is easy through web. Delivery agents shall use iPhone and Android app to manage their orders without being in the office.

Features of the App:

1. Live Tracking of your Delivery agents’ current location from Web admin panel.
2. Assign Orders to Delivery agents.
3. iPhone or Android app to accept task and navigate to customer’s location.
4. Customer can check their order status in Real-Time
5. Gets a Proof Of Delivery from customer.
6. View GPS History and detailed Reports and more

If you are interested in having Demo of the application, I am happy to connect with our Accounts Manager, Pratap and can schedule a Demo. Please let me know.

Contact : +91 7338773388,
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