Welcome to Orient Flights Aviation Academy (OFAA), Mysuru, a pilot training establishment of Orient Flights Private Limited. The company shares its roots with the Hindustan Group of Institutions, a pioneering educational group at Chennai, offering a wide range of courses in Aviation, Engineering, Management, and Applied Science. OFAA is approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India and is situated only 150 kms away from Bengaluru City.

OFAA trains its student pilots with the latest advancements in technology and safety; a universal consideration in this profession. OFAA innovatively creates structures with the motive “Safety First” and strives to inculcate a fundamental sense of safety in every individual right from their training stage.

With the help of extraordinary professionals present in OFAA, Aviation studies – a grandeur of academic metamorphosis, can now be acquired by the mighty spirited future fliers who are determined to make their dreams come true. Orient Flights is proud to introduce the latest in-flight training technology with a modern fleet of aircraft.

Orient Flights has one of the best fleet of training aircraft at Mysuru. We are proud to introduce the latest in-flight and off-flight training technologies for student pilots undergoing Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Private Pilot License (PPL) courses.

Ground subjects
Students will be given training for DGCA Examinations in the following subjects in addition to the PPL syllabus as required:

Air Regulations
Aerodrome search and rescue, rules & regulations, customs and health and knowledge of communication and navigational facilities.

Air Navigation
Theoretical and practical navigation.

Aviation Meteorology
Basic knowledge of aviation, weather codes and plotting, elementary synoptic meteorology including simple interpretation of weather charts and meteorological procedures relating to aviation

Technical General (Aircraft and Engines)
General principles and elementary knowledge of design, construction, maintenance and operation of aircraft, engine and instruments, ancillary systems, emergency systems, installations and equipment, basic knowledge of fuel and lubricants, loading of aircraft, weight distribution and its effect on flight characteristics.

Aircraft Engine & Systems specific to:
Cessna 172 & Piper Seneca III (Limitations, Aircraft Engines, Systems Weight & Balance Performance.)

Radio Telephony (C.O.P.R.T.R)
Including transmission and interpretation of aural signals and operations of radio telephony apparatus on board the aircraft.

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