Hello friends, today we discuss teeth sensitivity, If you have causes of sensitive teeth or other dental issue visit the Rajan Dental the best dentist in Chennai for fixing our dental related problems

Causes of tooth sensitivity:

1. Exposed tooth root - many people brushing too hard will reveal your toothache. There are holes that lead to the dental root vein. If these pores reveal warm and cold temptations, the speed of the pump may be inconvenience or pain more quickly. Talk to your dentist to clear your dental problems

2. Tooth decay - It also causes tooth sensitivity, a common term of decay is cavities and cracking, A large filling can lead to the weakness of the tooth, which can result in the fissure. In addition, you can crack a lot of hard treats, such as candy or ice. To fix sensitivity, you need to remove the decay. Scheduling a meeting with your best dentist in Chennai to get relief from tooth decay.

3. Too much acid - we can drink, eat sometimes take away the enamel on teeth, leaving the tooth enamel revealed, teeth will become sensitive without the enamel barrier if you don’t know how to solve the sensitivity problem, visit the best dental clinic in Chennai

4. Whitening agents - over whitening teeth and use so many products for pearl whites teeth it can cause tooth sensitivity if you want to whiten your teeth visit the best dental clinic in Chennai, so many teeth whitening procedures are there such as bleaching, home bleaching, office bleaching, etc

These are the above problems for cause tooth sensitivity

If anyone has problems with sensitive teeth or other dental issues, Our Rajan Dental provide the best way to clear all kinds of dental problems, our dental specialist protects your teeth and restore your natural smile.

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