Talenthuntco HR is a Chennai based Human Resource Sourcing and Staffing Company set up in 2018. Our clients really on us for their complete recruitment ranging from a single “hard-to-fill” top management position to massive hiring for junior level positions.

We work with our clients hand in hand to stun the challenges they face in attracting / interviewing and retaining Junior / Middle & Top Management professionals.


• Human Resources
• Events
• Business Network
• Job Openings
• Recruitment Services

We offer Integrated Recruitment Solutions in-time Sourcing Capability. Smaller time to recruit, so saving the opportunity cost of available positions.
We have entered deep into the recruitment market and our expertise lies in our ability to source highly qualified professionals across a broad range of function and skill sets.

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Address: Hiranandani, OMR, Chennai 603103
Mobile No: 8754223800

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