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Medela - breast milk calma solitaire
Rs 219,900
Location: Chennai - Tamil Nadu - India
Date Posted: 03 de Setiembre
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Price: Rs 219,900
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Babies can now for the first time continue with their natural feeding behavior by using CALMA.
Key Feature
1. Baby feeds, pauses & breathes regularly in his natural & individual rhythm - Milk does not flow automatically so          babies can pause & breathe during the feeding session. So babies will feed calmly & are satisfied with less gas in their tummy - thus mothers have piece of mind.
2. Baby can change from Breast to CALMA & back to the Breast.
3. Babies position & attach to CALMA correctly.
4. CALMA gives similar tongue movement that makes it easier for the baby to switch between Breast & CALMA
5. One Size is enough & sufficient for the entire breastfeeding duration - one size fits all & is the right one
6. Babies can easily & comfortable remain attached due to the soft wide base.
7. CALMA is vented through the air control system

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